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What is the talk distance of the radio equipment?

Two-way radio rental coverage using a UHF 4 watt radio is up to about one mile outdoors. Indoor coverage varies based on construction of the building where the equipment is being used. Large convention centers are normally covered 80% or higher. In hotel and building applications, at least multiple floors are covered, usually up to about 15 stories above ground level. Larger coverage areas are possible with Sprint Nextel iDEN walkie talkies. The Nextel system is great for coast to coast communications as long as there is sufficient signal strength to the cell site towers. Many hotels and convention centers are wired up to boost Nextel signals. If you have specific coverage questions or need a Los Angeles Nextel rental, please call 1-888-817-2346. We have experience in many different venues throughout the United States; chances are we are familiar with your specific event location.


How long do the batteries last?

On average?Two Way radio and Nextel batteries last about 12-14 hours with standard usage. We only rent out ultra high capacity batteries with our equipment.


Do I need a FCC license to rent from you?

No. We have National FCC frequencies that are programmed into your radios. Additionally we can program/match radios to your frequencies should you request that option.


What is a Repeater?

A repeater is installed in a fixed location with the intent of coverage enhancement. Multi-story buildings are covered more thoroughly and dead spots are removed. The building's construction, number of floors, and the presence of steel and concrete determine range. Whether you need a San Diego walkie talkie rental or a rental in your area, we can deliver your equipment straight to your location.


What is the difference between Nextel Direct Connect and Group Connect service?

With Direct Connect service you connect to one person at a time. All your users are loaded into the phonebook for easy access. With Group Connect, you can set up multiple talk groups and connect to as few as three people at once or as many as 100 people at once just by the push of a button. Group Talk is very similar in use and function to traditional walkie talkie setups, whether it is a San Diego two way radio rental or one is your area. You can get the message out to a large group of people in many different locations all at the same time.


What are the benefits of a Nextel Walkie Talkie versus a cell phone?

Cost and Dispatch Capabilities. Push a button and be connected to one or one hundred individuals. Two-way radios are easy to use with a push-to-talk feature, which enables the user to communicate instantly with anyone on the network. Two-way radios are designed to be utilized in extreme conditions and offer rugged features. Flat monthly fee with no per minute airtime cost, unlike cellular phones. Low monthly costs, which include unlimited talk-times.


What kind of accessories do you offer with your radios?

For 2-way radios we offer Audio Accessories including: Speaker Microphones, Light Headsets, Double Headsets and Ear microphones.


What if I am flying out to an event and I need to use radios there? Can you help me with that?

We can actually ship out radios to you anywhere in the US. Just let us know where you will be needing to use the radios and we can ship them to you. That way when you arrive, the radios will be waiting for you at either a hotel or a convention center of your choosing. We can also supply a return label so you don't have to worry about sending the equipment back. Please call for more details.


Can you ship radios directly to my place of business to use in my area?

Can you ship radios directly to my place of business to use in my area? A. We can ship anywhere in the US, including directly to a client. Please be sure to book with advance notice (at least 5 days ahead) to ensure proper arrival time. We can ship through your company's preferred delivery carrier on your account or you can have us ship equipment on our account. Please call for more information on shipping pricing.


What if I've never been to a location before and don't know whether to order radios or nextels? And how would I know if I need to use a repeater?

We are very familiar with the many facilities in the US, so we'd be able to answer your questions right away. If we are not too familiar with an area, or haven't used equipment there recently, our staff will do the research for you. We will present every possible option to make your communication experience go as smooth as possible.


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