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Why Renting Communication Products Is Better than Buying?

Mobile communication devices such as two-way radios, Push to talk radios and Wireless Internet communication devices have become a permanent feature of most organizations. This has been made necessary by the need for persons in these organizations to pass information from one person to another or the need to share information within a group of people. Some analysts have argued that obtaining communication products on rent is of more benefit as compared to buying them. In the next paragraphs, we will explain the different types of mobile devices offered on a rental basis as well as the benefit of renting such devices over buying.

Choice of Communication Devices
Any organization or individual intending to use communication products on rent basis have a wide range of choices to select. These include:

Two Way Radio Rentals
Two Way Radios are also commonly known as walkie-talkies. They enable the user to speak to other users using a similar radio and operating within the same frequency.

Push To Talk Rentals
Pushes to talk rental devices enable the user to transmit instant voice messages to either one person or a group of people. The device uses the global GSM mobile phone network thus providing the user with unlimited network. The device has no numbers to dial. User only needs to push a button and talk to the recipients.

Wireless Internet Rentals
The device resembles a modem. The user needs to insert the device into a laptop or a personal computer USB port to enable access of the required data. It also has a memory card slot that enables the user to store data on the memory card

Benefits of Renting Mobile Communication Devices over buying
Organizations need to make decisions as to whether they should rent or buy these mobile communication devices. Renting Mobile communication devices is beneficial to buying the same in several ways including the fact that:

Technical Support and Training (Repairs)

Organizations that use communication products on rent are able to obtain technical support for the devices as well as training of its employees at no extra cost. If the same entity opts to buy the devices, it will need to pay for support and training needs as they arise in the future.

Bargaining Power
Renting communication devices provides the organization with a strong bargaining power. The organization is able the contact a wide range of service providers, compare their rates, bargain and select the provider offering the best service at the best rate.

Communication devices Provided only when required

Some organizations need communication devices for particular events or activities such as product launch events, corporate and academic events, trade fairs and sports meetings which do not often come up in their event calendar. Through renting, the organization will not have the burden of storing equipment, which they hardly use. Instead, they will only need to rent the equipment and hand them back to the provider once it is through with the event.

Flexibility of Contract Duration
Companies that rent out mobile devices offer a lot of contractual flexibility. They provide daily, weekly, monthly or even annual contracts with each customized to satisfy the specific needs of the customers.

Purchasing Mobile communication devices is a heavy capital expenditure. Organizations intending to use such devices is better off renting such devices and enjoying the benefits that come with renting instead of buying devices that they may not need in the future.